The # 1 Way Actors & Models Get Scammed

by | July 17, 2017 | Acting, Blog, Film, Modeling, Theatre, Voiceover

In a career where the competition is fierce and the jobs limited, it’s easy for villains to make money off of anyone who isn’t where they want to be in their career.  Being signed by an agency is a huge milestone in an actor or model’s career.  But some markets are so small there’s a scarcity of agencies while the larger markets are so saturated it’s hard to get in anywhere reputable.  I can’t tell you all how many times I’ve spoken to actors who have paid to be represented by an agent/agency/manager.  The most I’ve ever heard spent was just last year by an actor in Davis, CA.  He gave an “agency” $3000.

Cue scary music.

The number one scam all actors and models should watch out for is an agency who claims after you pay them an initial fee they’ll represent you.  This could be hidden in mandatory class fees, headshot fees for their in-house photographer, or a fee to put you on their website.  No legitimate agency will ever charge you money up front – an agent doesn’t make any money until you do.  If an agency you’re corresponding with even brings up an up-front fee, run far and run fast.

Be smart guys – do the research before hand.  Again…