Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green
Bust: 34”
Waist: 27”
Hips: 36”
Dress: 2
Pants: 4
Shoe: 6


The Day I Almost Died Co-Star Indigo Films
Restless Souls Co-Star Indigo Films
Sex Sent Me to the Slammer Co-Star Indigo Films
Wives with Knives Co-Star Indigo Films


The Alternatives Supporting Michael Korolenko
Wheels for Hire Supporting Tim Talbots
Return to Sacred Ground Supporting Water Buffalo Pictures
The Air of Summer Principal Scary Cow Productions
Surprise Me Principal Expressions College

Commercial Lithuanian Daughter Bonfire Labs
Microsoft IT Worker Kontent Partners
Charles Schwab Hero WTBR TV
Credit Karma Shocked Customer Karen X
Red Hawk Casino Guest Trapeze Productions
Prysm Grad Student The Distillery
Apple Mother Zephyr Photo Productions
Elk Grove Dodge Bond Girl Farsone West
Courtesy Chevrolet Host Arrowhead Advertising


Plantronics Designer Lincoln Street Studios
StubHub Sports Fan/Flower Girl StubHub
Red Hawk Casino Guest Seraphein Beyn Advertising
Cisco AchilleBigliardi Cisco
Apple Zephyr Photo Productions Apple
La Crema Winery James Chiang Talent ETC
Thunder Valley Casino Skott Snider RPM Advertising


Plantronics Designer Lincoln Street Studios
Puzzle Workshop Lisa DCLugi World
EverFi – Power and Privilege Chloe Scott Dietrich
Perch Baby Monitor New Mom Tandem Productions
Samsung Smart Things Fun Mom Samsung
Hp Data Scape Business Exec Hp
Twitter Hero Brandon Loper
StubHub Sports Fan/Flower Child StubHub
Prysm Grad Student Prysm
BloomReach Heroine Permagrin Films
Lithium Jenn First Person
Intel Danny Intel, Kuang Lee


EverFi Anti-Harassment Narration EverFi
CCR Cypress Creek Renewables Internal Video CCR
Nest Nest Cam IQ Nest
Ignite Writing Our Rights Ignite
Nest Earth Day Promo Nest
Shipwire Dropship for Retailers Shipwire
Shipwire Sell Thru Retail Shipwire
Shipwire The Shipwire Platform Shipwire
Airtable Airtable Walkthrough Airtable
Shift Shift
Grammarly Send With Confidence Grammarly
Nest Fire Safety Month Nest
Nest Less is More Connected Nest
Nest Less is More Cozy Nest
Airtable Welcome to Airtable Airtable
DocuSign DocuSign Enterprise DocuSign
Nest Installing Your Nest Cam Outdoor Nest
Nest Nest Cam Outdoor Nest
Expedia Mobile Road Trip Expedia
Grammarly Clear and Compelling Grammarly
DocuSign DocuSign Anthem DocuSign
Nest Nest Direct Energy Nest
Twitter Twitter Video Reach Twitter
DocuSign DocuSign Rooms DocuSign
Visa Visa Threat Intelligence Visa
NetPulse NetPulse Bringing Your Club into the Mobile World NetPulse
DocuSign DocuSign Moving Foward DocuSign
Visa Visa Developer Visa
Twitter Twitter TAP Twitter
Twitter Twitter Event targeting Twitter
Nest Nest Home/Away Assist Nest
Nest Nest National Nest
Salesforce Desk Salesforce Desk
Salesforce Salesforce – Anthem Salesforce
Twitter Twitter Audience Platform Twitter
Visa Visa Co-Branded Cards Visa
Twitter Twitter Brand Hub Twitter
Oddfellows Groundtruth Oddfellows
HP HP Helion – Keynote Discover HP
Nest Welcome to the Thoughtful Home Nest
Nest Meet the New Nest Project Nest
Nest Meet the New Nest Cam Nest
Visa Leading the Way in Payment Security Visa
HP HP PageWide HP
Adzoco Your New Sign Adzoco
Purex Crystals Scent Splash Purex
Nest Nest Protect Ntropic
Nest Nest Dropcam Ntropic
Game of War Game of War Game of War
ViaPep ViaPep Protein Vitamin Productions
Nest Nest Learning Thermostat Ntropic
Visa Visa Apple Pay Ntropic
Visa Visa Chip Card Ntropic
Target Target Essentials Target
Target Target REDcard Target


The Edge of the World Marzi Virago Theatre
Sylvia Sylvia Studio Theatre
Dracula Lucy Ohlone College
The Lion in Winter Alais Chautauqua Playhouse
Mysterious Affair at Styles Cynthia Chautauqua Playhouse
Widowers’ Houses Parlor Maid California Stage
Midsummer Nightmare Helena RCPD
Rehearsal for Murder Theatre Ghost Chautauqua Playhouse
Wally’s Café Janet Magic Circle Theatre
Sunshine Boys Burlesque Nurse Studio Theatre
Our Miss Brooks Harriet Studio Theatre
My Friend Irma Irma Studio Theatre


On-Camera Auditioning Techniques Sally Forcier Casting Sally Forcier
The Craft and Business of Acting Bay Area Acting Studio Christy English
On-Camera Auditions Mary Mackey
Voice-Over Doug Boyd
Core Acting A.C.T. STC Nick Gabriel
Classical Acting A.C.T. Classical Intensive Drew Khalouf
Movement and the Actor A.C.T. STC Mark Jackson
Physicalizing Classical Text A.C.T. Classical Intensive M. Graham Smith
Text and Action A.C.T. STC Christopher Herold
Auditioning A.C.T. STC Janet Foster
Stage Combat A.C.T. STC Marty Pistone
Clowning A.C.T. STC Letitia Bartlett
Improvisation A.C.T. STC Barbara Scott
Voice A.C.T. STC Cynthia Bassham
Speech A.C.T. STC Lynne Soffer
Speaking Classical Text A.C.T. Classical Intensive Lynne Soffer
Character Development RCPD David Garrison
Masters Workshop Magical Circle Theatre David Garrison

Special Skills

EMT, M1 certification, Handgun Safety Certified, volleyball, weight lifting, swimming, motorcycling, horseback riding, shooting, rollerblading, hiking, ping pong, running, interval training, kayaking, jumping rope, snowboarding.