How I Got An Agent & Why They Signed Me

by | June 27, 2017 | Acting, Blog, Film, Modeling, Theatre, Voiceover

Thanks to the internet we have casting websites where you can self-submit to paying gigs without an agent.  However when it comes to higher-paying gigs that are impressive on resumes and developing your career into one that sustains you financially, an agent or manager is vital.  Getting signed with an agent is a HUGE deal and is a major milestone in any actor’s career.  Here are tips for getting signed with an agency and starting your professional journey.

Apply to Boutique Agencies as Well as the Larger Ones

I’ve told you guys before about my first rejection letter.  I had been planning my attack on the acting world for years and would occasionally check out the website of one huge agency out here in San Francisco.  I knew that when the time came, I was going to apply to this agency and dammit I would be signed with them.  Alas, they sent me a nice little letter wishing me luck on my hunt for representation.

A smaller boutique agency in San Francisco was working with my headshot photographer and saw my headshot and contacted me.  I have been with them ever since (almost 4 years now).  Bigger isn’t necessarily better – they have a far bigger talent roster and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Have a Lot of Diverse Training

When the owner of the agency came in to speak with me before offering me a contract, she remarked on the amount of training I’ve had and was really impressed by the range of training.  Everything from stage fighting, VO basics, core acting, clowning, and character development.  If you don’t have a lot of resume credits when it comes to theatre, film or television, your training should be nice and developed.  (Even if you have a lot of resume credits, you should still have training)

Have Your Headshot and Resume Going in

In my video ‘What’s in My Actor Bag’ I showed you guys my portfolio that I keep with me at all times.  And within that portfolio at all times is my headshot and resume.  My headshot was the reason why I was called into the agency while my resume was the reason why they signed me.  Having my headshots done professionally before getting an agent showed that I was 110% committed and it impressed the owner of my agency.  She could feel that I was hungry.